by Melvin Burch



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[Verse 1]
Nine fine dimes drinking wine
I don’t sip it
I recline, mind my business
And in time, I get kisses
Misses dancing on the floor
Let them take, I am more
I am vogue, I am all
I am small, I am tall

Crawling in the dark
I am calling towards your heart
Give me love, give me like
Give me hugs, give me life
In the night, in the day
We don’t hide; on display
In the open, in the field
We are broken, we are healed


[Verse 2]
One with my hun
I will run to their arms
We are fun, we are stars
With our tongues, we are marked
In my lungs; feel your air
At the drum; moving paired
We’re in sync; we are joined
You can watch; if you dare





released October 14, 2016
*Produced by Street Fever.

*("Chamber" from Afflictions)



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Melvin Burch Peoria, Illinois

Waiting my turn. Creating my turn.

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