by Melvin Burch



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Metal in your mouth, pedal to it hard
Motor running hot; it's obvious, I just want out the car


You’d be surprised how people just can’t seem to find a reason to believe in stuff that hits them right between the-

Fine; I’m off it
Just wondering what this talking’s for
I’m knocking on a coffin door
Dead on this apartment floor

Wish I was young enough to tell my parents come and get me
I wanna run away from all the people running with me
I know they never knew me; why did I let them woo me?
They said that if they join the cast, I'll have a better movie

They can't do what I do
They can't go where I've been
They can't see what I see
They can't be where I am

What they know about losing themselves?
What they know about saving themselves?
What they know about grabbing time, freezing it, then making it melt?

What they know about taking the wheel?
What they know about braking too late?
What they know about damaged GPS with only faith in the tank?

Ticking, ticking
Time, it kept on ticking
I woke up in the 80s with no hoverboard equipment
Ticking, ticking
Time, it kept on ticking
I woke up in the 90s and forgot about my mission
Ticking, ticking
Time, it kept on ticking
I woke up in 2007, choking on my spit
Then I arrived in 2016
I'm so McFly, they're out to get me, so I start it again

BC to AD
I'm going 80... 8
I'm running over everybody tryina’ play me



released August 14, 2016
*Produced by Darkstar.

*("Aidy's Girl Is A Computer" from North)



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Melvin Burch San Diego, California

Waiting my turn. Creating my turn.

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